President: (Acting) Gerald McCoy

VP Programs/Tech: Patricia Konyha 316.308.1944

Treasure/Secretary: Steve Green

VP N4C: Dwight Corrin

VP Membership: Dan Barrows

-Assistant: (James Mitchell, CPP)

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The April photo challenge is:

Point of View

May Club Outing / Photo Shoot Galleries

None planned at this time.  Please check the club calender for upcoming events and photo opportunities.

If you have an outing you would like to get others to do with you, please email with your idea and/or plan so we can share it with the membership. 

June 14, 2022:

Photo Storage and Backing Up

Max Konyha will be joining us with his IT knowledge to talk about the different ways you can create hard and soft backups of your images.  He will touch on the different processes, the positives/negatives of each, cloud storage and a quick little conversation about image degradation.  

July 12, 2022:

Greg Perez will be doing a program about VR and VR headsets.  He will have a few headsets to pass around, and possibly even use during the meeting.  We can put the VR on the TV and share to zoom so those not wearing it can see what the person wearing it sees. We will have some VR headsets available for members to try if they wish.  

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Welcome Members and Guests to the Wichita Area Camera Club.  As everyone knows, a picture is worth a thousand words...a great picture is worth a WOW.   This is the site for photos taken by members of the Wichita Area Camera Club. We encourage you to browse some of the photos located in hundreds of galleries on this site.  Members may  populate personal galleries with their favorites. 

If you are a guest, our membership encourages you to attend one of our club meetings the second Tuesday of each month via ZOOM.  During the COVID 19 pandemic, any in person meetings are limited to current members.  If you have never been a member or are interested in rejoining the club please  request access to the ZOOM portion of our meeting using the CONTACT US link on our web page.  More information on how to become a member will be provided.  Meetings begin promptly at 7:00 p.m. and are traditionally over on or before8:30  p.m.  

WACC Club Profile:

The Wichita Area Camera Club (WACC) was founded in 1951 as a non-profit organization. It is a long time member the North Central Camera Club Council  (N4C).

Our Mission: 

Provide activities for those interested in photography. We conduct educational programs to improve photographic skills, assist in the use of your equipment, discuss digital processing techniques, take interesting field trips and strive to build camaraderie among members. We share our photographic adventures and learn from one another and professional guest lecturers.


If you enjoy competition, we encourage members to enter their favorite photos in N4C competitions, competing against hundreds of members from Camera clubs in the North Central US.  To learn more about this organization please visit the following website: Central Camera Club Council

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