2015-2016 Competition Schedule - Wichita Area Camera Club

Competiton due date is always the last Tuesday of the previous month before the competition.

Judging due date is always the First Tuesday prior to the competition.

2015-2016 Schedule:

October: Due - Oct-3 

Categories: Open Mono (MNO) Nature (NTR)  People (PEO)

November: Due - Oct-31

Categories: Open Color (OC)  Creative (CRTV) Photo Travel (PT)

January: Due - Dec-29

Categories: Open Color (OC) Photo Journalism (PJ) Sports (SP)

February: Due - Jan-26

Categories: Open Mono (MNO) Creative (CRTV) Nature (NTR)

March: Due - Feb-23

Categories: Sports (SP) Photo Travel (PT) People (PEO)

April: Due - Mar-29

Categories: Nature (NTR) People (PEO) Photo Journalism (PJ)

May: Due - Apr-26

Categories: Open Color (OC) Open Mono (MNO) Creative (CRTV)

June: Due - May-31

Categories: Nature (NTR) Photo Travel (PT) Photo Journalism (PJ)

July: Due - Jun-28

Categories: People (PEO) Open Mono (MNO) Creative (CRTV)

August: Due - Jul-26

Categories: Open Color (OC) Photo Travel (PT) Nature (NTR)

September: Due - Aug-30

Categories: Photo Journalism (PJ) Open Color (OC) Open Mono (MNO)